A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns

A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns is a powerful story. It brought me to tears several times. The main character, LaRae, escapes an abusive husband only to spend her life running for her life, escaping from him repeatedly. He is never far away, and his words ring in her ears; “You can run but you can’t hide. I will always find you, no matter where you go.

A gut-wrenching story of abuse and redemption, hatred and love, A Rose will grip you in a way that few stories do. At various times I found myself hating her husband and wanting him dead, or terrified for her safety and screaming at her to get out now!

And that’s just the first half of the book. The rest will warm your heart, anger you to the core, and fill you with thankfulness for our loving God. Bet you can’t put this one down.

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