Cathleen Townsend Blogs About Prayers Were No Help

Cathleen Townsend decided to blog her review of my book. As a published author, she had some very nice things to say about my book.

this volume has superb writing in a line-edit sense—I didn’t have a single wince as I read,

That’s high praise coming from someone who edits professionally.

She also had this to say.

Pacing-wise, the story moves right along, and that is also a rarer thing than I could wish. If you’re looking for a faith-based narrative without a saccharine aftertaste, Prayers Were No Help is a worthy read.

I found the latter sentence especially pleasing, since the goal of my writing is to do that. Rather than smack people in the face with religious doctrine, I try to introduce them to godly living through all-too-common human trials and tribulations that find their resolution in spiritual healing.


Regressions is the second book by author Jaye C. Blakemore that I have completed. I have to say this. Blakemore is a master story teller. She spins a web that draws you in, and it becomes quite difficult to extract yourself until you get to the last page.

I reviewed Jacqueline and the Judge and said her writing was vivid and descriptive. It is. But it’s more than that. It draws you in to the story and compels you to learn more about the characters and the plot and the story.

Regressions is a story about a female psychologist who begins working with a younger woman who is experiencing memories from a previous life. The story includes mystery, danger, romance and more. I read it in two days.

Both of the books suffer from a flaw—no editing. I’ve corresponded with the author. It turns out it’s not her fault. She used “self-publishing” companies that claimed to include editing in their services. It’s obvious these books have not been read, much less edited. Some of the errors, like using form instead of from, are the kinds of mistakes that authors make routinely and editors should catch in their sleep. Worse than that, they published without even bothering to let her read a proof copy, where she almost certainly would have caught the errors.

I don’t know why, but there’s something about seeing your words in print that makes you focus on the errors. I can read my own writing hundreds of times and miss the same errors hundreds of times. As soon as someone else points them out to me, I feel incredibly stupid, because I know how to spell and use words. Yet there it is, staring at me, exposing my humanity for all the world to see. Or at least the world of the editor that vets my work. Seeing it in print is troubling.

Jacqueline and the Judge

I just read the most incredible book. It’s called Jacqueline and the Judge. It’s not a book I ever would have picked up, but the author offered to help me with my book, so I entered her giveaway contest, and lucky me, I won a copy for free. I started reading yesterday and finished today.

The writing is vivid and descriptive and retains your attention from the moment you pick it up. I love the way the author weaves in the details you need to know throughout the story without being intrusive about what we authors call “info dump”.  The plot is fascinating, the twists in the story are incredible.

By the time the big surprise came, I completely believed the same thing the main character believed. That is the sign of a well-written book. The author has signed options for movie rights on two of her books, so you’ll be hearing more about these from others soon.

Get a copy now. You won’t regret it. In fact, I think you’ll do exactly what I did—I bought her two other books, Regressions, and Double Identity. I’m not going to start reading them yet because when I do, I’m certain I won’t be able to put them down. I’m going to have to schedule reading them so I can get other work done.

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