Emerging From the Tunnel

I haven’t blogged in a while. There is a reason for that. In addition to writing, I also manage a number of websites. It’s all volunteer work, do I don’t get paid for it. But I love doing the work, so I don’t need pay.

Recently, one of the sites I manage requested a wiki. After doing some research, I decided to install MediaWiki. This is the same software used by Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is a programmer’s app. The documentation is written by programmers. The app install is designed for programmers. The configuration is programmer friendly. IOW, it was difficult to deal install and configure, and difficult to troubleshoot.

I started that install early last month and just finished two days ago. Well, I’m not really done, but it’s stable enough now that I can step away and return to other activities. Like writing.

I started my second book a while ago, ran into some issues on background research and stalled. Now, I’m ready to get back to it  I hope you, my followers, will forgive me for the absence.

During the time I was “away”, I also proofread a book for someone and edited another one. I will be writing a review of the edited book shortly, now that it’s been published.

I hope this upcoming holiday period turns out to be the best you’ve ever enjoyed, and I hope you’ll take time to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. If you don’t know Christ, or don’t believe in God, I pray that this year will be the one in which the scales are removed from your eyes and you will see.

Nothing is more pleasurable than a life lived with God. I know. I’m seventy years old and God is my constant companion. He has blessed with with health and wealth (not so much materially as spiritually) and a wonderful family. How could a man ask for more than that?

Why I Don’t “Monitize” My Blog

I keep getting comments pointing out that I could make money on my blog by adding advertisements. First of all, no, I wouldn’t, because my traffic isn’t high enough to earn more than a few pennies. Second, I find ads irritating. I hate them. I refuse to subject my viewers to them. There ought to be at least one place on the internet where you’re not assaulted by ads that popup, obscure your view, assault your senses with blaring videos and dancing pictures, and all the other things that make ads so irritating.

Finally, I can afford to run this site without other people paying for it. So, stop sending me the comments. They go in the trash. They always will. Leave me, and my followers alone.

David Todd Blogs an Interview With Me

Check out this author interview that David Todd did with me. I don’t recall where we met online, but David sent me email and asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed. I said yes, and the rest is history.

Who is David Todd? He’s a prolific author and a civil engineer. He has written a fascinating book titled Doctor Luke’s Assistant that is a fictive account of how Luke wrote his gospel. Here’s the description:

Luke, the beloved physician, returns to Israel to write a massive biography of Jesus. He hires a Jewish assistant, Augustus, to help him as a researcher, secretary, and scribe. Luke’s work is opposed by both the Roman government and the Jewish authorities. He runs afoul of an ambitious Roman, who does his best to restrict Luke from completing the work.

I don’t know what attracted David to my work, but I’m glad he chose to highlight it.

Cathleen Townsend Blogs About Prayers Were No Help

Cathleen Townsend decided to blog her review of my book. As a published author, she had some very nice things to say about my book.

this volume has superb writing in a line-edit sense—I didn’t have a single wince as I read,

That’s high praise coming from someone who edits professionally.

She also had this to say.

Pacing-wise, the story moves right along, and that is also a rarer thing than I could wish. If you’re looking for a faith-based narrative without a saccharine aftertaste, Prayers Were No Help is a worthy read.

I found the latter sentence especially pleasing, since the goal of my writing is to do that. Rather than smack people in the face with religious doctrine, I try to introduce them to godly living through all-too-common human trials and tribulations that find their resolution in spiritual healing.

My First Book Review

Author Kara Liane has posted a review of my book on Amazon. I was stunned to read “I will begin by saying that Paul is a phenomenal writer.” I was not expecting that.

I was pleased to read ” What I liked about this book is it did not beat me over the head with religious references, it was more spiritual; which I suppose those go hand-in-hand anyway, but he wrote it in such a meaningful way.”

My goal, in writing my books, is to portray people in real life situations, dealing with emotional issues that many may relate to. Then, someone enters their life providing a new perspective, which causes them to reconsider the direction their life is taking or brings healing to their heart and life.

Christians are like everyone else. They endure tragedies, they experience loss, they encounter conflict. The difference between them and the rest of the world is the source of their strength. Portraying that in stories is my way of communicating what it’s been like to walk with God for decades.

Enter the Giveaway Sweepstakes

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The contest last ten days, after which twenty people will win a free Kindle version of my book. You have to enter to win, but the winners are selected randomly. So you don’t have to rush over this minute. Don’t forget to enter before July 7th, or you’ll miss the opportunity.

If you read my book, please post a review. I will appreciate it.

Prayers Were No Help

Prayers Were No Help is available on Smashwords, your favorite ebook retailer, and on Amazon.

I was starting to understand what he was saying. “I thought about that, yesterday. Did I miss a miracle because I did not really believe it when I asked for it?”

“Yes! Exactly. God’s still in the miracle business. Always has been. So few people really believe in him now that he’s been put on the back burner. He’s been turned into a fire extinguisher when he should be the reason the house never catches fire to begin with.”

Puzzled, I probed him further. “How do you turn him into the reason the house never catches on fire?”