Seven Ways To Improve Your Life

Life is made up of habits. It takes sixty-six days to form a new habit. Once you consciously and deliberately perform an action for sixty-six days, it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Here are seven habits you can build that will make your life happier and more successful.

  1. Begin each day on a positive note
  2. Eat healthily
  3. Handle your business
  4. Approach problems with gusto
  5. Pay attention to details
  6. Pay yourself a compliment
  7. Yield nothing to the negative

Let’s take each of these in turn.

Begin each day on a positive note. The key to happiness is your attitude. If you develop a positive attitude your life will be more stress-free and successful.

How do you do that? By affirmatively beginning your day with positive reinforcement. As hokey as it sounds, start the day with a positive affirmation, and your life will be better. Say, “Today is going to be a great day” or “I feel fantastic this morning“.  Say it even if you don’t mean it. Voicing the positive will elicit the positive.

Eat healthily Your body is an engine. High-performance engines require high-performance fuel. Eating healthy means not only eating the right foods but the right amounts. Overdoing anything is detrimental. Overdoing eating has drastic affects on your long term health. Being the habit of eating healthily today. Don’t put it off.

Handle your business. Procrastination builds contempt. You despise yourself for doing what you knew needed to be done. Do ONE thing each day. Make a list of what needs to be done, and check it off. You’ll have to add to it, of course, as new things come up, but merely viewing a list of things you’ve already accomplished motivates you to do more.

Approach problems with gusto. When problems inevitably arise, tackle them head-on. Don’t shy away from them. Find a solution and do it. Problems will eventually be so terrified of your action orientation that they will cease coming around.

Pay attention to details. Life is made up of details. Ignore them at your peril. Make a list, if you have to, and take care of every detail. Don’t pass a nit on the floor without picking it up. Don’t leave things laying around your house. Clutter leads to depression. Cleanliness is good for the soul.

Pay yourself a compliment. This might come as a surprise to you, but no one cares about you more than you do. While others will compliment you, you need to compliment yourself. Every time you do, you build your self-image. Tell yourself, “You did that well” or “You look nice today“. If you’re not comfortable doing this, your self-image has problems.

Yield nothing to the negative. Negatives erode. They’re like water over rocks. Eventually, the rock’s appearance is shaped by the water into something nondescript. If your life is to have any meaning you must be unique—stand out from the crowd. You do that be being irrepressibly positive. Don’t let the negatives erode you. Refuse to accept them. Turn them around and make them positives.

Build these seven habits, consistently and affirmatively, and you will enjoy life with a gusto that few people enjoy.