Emerging From the Tunnel

I haven’t blogged in a while. There is a reason for that. In addition to writing, I also manage a number of websites. It’s all volunteer work, do I don’t get paid for it. But I love doing the work, so I don’t need pay.

Recently, one of the sites I manage requested a wiki. After doing some research, I decided to install MediaWiki. This is the same software used by Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is a programmer’s app. The documentation is written by programmers. The app install is designed for programmers. The configuration is programmer friendly. IOW, it was difficult to deal install and configure, and difficult to troubleshoot.

I started that install early last month and just finished two days ago. Well, I’m not really done, but it’s stable enough now that I can step away and return to other activities. Like writing.

I started my second book a while ago, ran into some issues on background research and stalled. Now, I’m ready to get back to it  I hope you, my followers, will forgive me for the absence.

During the time I was “away”, I also proofread a book for someone and edited another one. I will be writing a review of the edited book shortly, now that it’s been published.

I hope this upcoming holiday period turns out to be the best you’ve ever enjoyed, and I hope you’ll take time to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. If you don’t know Christ, or don’t believe in God, I pray that this year will be the one in which the scales are removed from your eyes and you will see.

Nothing is more pleasurable than a life lived with God. I know. I’m seventy years old and God is my constant companion. He has blessed with with health and wealth (not so much materially as spiritually) and a wonderful family. How could a man ask for more than that?

A Writer’s Lament

Sometimes writing can be frustrating. My first book is published and for sale in all the usual places. Working on marketing the book takes away from time for writing, but that’s not my complaint. Once I completed Prayers Were No Help, I began work on my second project, Some Wounds Never Heal. That story was coming along well. Then I hit a roadblock. My characters were getting involved in things that required further research. Unfortunately, I’m waiting on others to respond to questions that I have, so the project is on hold.

Oh well. On to the next one. Or so I thought. After writing a few words, I realized that I need to do some research. So, I’m waiting on others to respond to my queries. Now I have two projects on hold.

So, I started writing a third one. I quickly realized that i needed to do some research before writing any further. Arghh!

So, I started writing a fourth one. After writing the first chapter I realized I had reached a fork in the road. My character had to either be somewhat daffy or own something of such value that others would be working diligently to wrest it from her. So, I’m on the horns of a dilemma. Which route should I take? Writing a story about a woman who is somewhat daffy requires a great deal of characterization. Writing a mystery is much easier, because it’s action based, not character based.

I fell like I’m juggling three balls while studying a fourth one trying to decide what it is.

And, of course, life constantly intervenes. Children need their grandchildren watched. Who can say no to that? Dishes have to be washed. Trash has to be collected. Meanwhile, my characters all sit and wait, patiently, for me to pay attention to them again.

Yes, I know other people have much bigger and more pressing problems. People in south Texas are desperately trying to survive and I’m fussing about writing problems.

I’m not complaining. Merely observing how curious life is and how its curves are unforeseeable.